iWalks - Never forget where you parked app for iPhone and iPad

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Travel Navigation
Developer: Ooi Szu-Khiam
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.8, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Mar 2013
App size: 46.94 Mb

Just hold your iPhone/iPod in front of you and walk,this is a requirement for this app to function. This app will record your path and give simple directions back to your vehicle.

Checkout this video link http://youtu.be/gP0I4LTUk7g

The FIRST state-of-the-art app in the AppStore that optimizes the use of the built-in gyroscope and will work in underground car parks. No GPS signals required.

iWalks solves your "where-did-I-park" problem with 3 simple steps,

Step 1: Take a picture of where you have parked and make simple notes of the surroundings.
Step 2: Hold & Walk (Hold your iPhone at half an arm length away from your body) towards your destination.
Step 3: When you enter the building, take a picture of the entrance and again make notes of the surroundings.

Did you know that if you waste 10 minutes per day getting lost in car parks, it adds up to 3 and half days every year? How much would you pay for 3 and half days of your life? So, please download this app and claim back the wasted time for the finer things in life!

PRIVACY NOTICE: You can review Privacy Policy before installing this Mobile Application

NOTICE: App Version 1.8 is being planned, IOS 5.X will no longer be supported

* NO Advertisements,
* Supports iCloud.
* Works in underground car parks.
* Simple turn by turn directions. (no complex maps)
* No GPS required, and no battery drain worries.
* No indoor GPS required.
* No magnetic compass required.
* Optimized for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S
* Uses gyroscope to record turn based information.
* Gyroscope is built into all iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S
* Multiple user interface themes available, something for everyone
* No calibration required (NOTICE: This App assumes that your movements are similar to a reasonable person. The iPhone must be held half an arms length away from the chest. User movements that are impaired or very slow should use other solutions.)
* For the return route to your car, this app will take care of substituting right turns for left turns and vice versa.

Disclosure: The Author ("OOI Szu-Khiam") is not responsible for the use of this App ("iWalks") once it is in the hands of the end user. This is NOT a personal safety application. The End User is fully responsible for their actions and taking the necessary personal safe guards, especially when in car parks.